Transgender students don’t feel safe at their local universities.

Final project for working at LancasterOnline; it was never published.

Peter Fair was excited to attend Millersville University in the Fall of 2015. He said it was his first experience at a “real college.”

When Fair got to Millersville, however, things were less than ideal. He realized that he often had to ask professors to not make jokes at the expense of transgender people such as himself.Read More »


The Head of School for the New School announces retirement after the 2016-2017 school year

Worked on for Lancaster Newspaper, but it never got published. July 19.

The retirement of a prominent school figure can mark the end of an era, and the beginning of something new.

After a 27-year-long teaching career, Mary Cae Williams, the Head of School at the New School in Lancaster, announced her retirement for the end of the 2016-2017 school year.

Mary Cae will be a tough act to follow, but she leaves the school in a position of strength and with plenty of time and support to ensure a thoughtful transition to the next Head,” said the Board of Trustees collectively in a statement.Read More »

Hero makeover: Authors make changes to heroes list in inspirational book

Published in LancasterOnline and in print on August 1.

With the prevalence of superheroes in the media, including recent film releases such as “Captain America: Civil War,” it’s increasingly easy for children to imagine themselves in the shoes of their favorite hero.

Amid the popularity of superheroes, America’s unsung heroes and people who have shaped history are sometimes forgotten.

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Clarence Hogan grew up amid addiction and abuse yet he found unconditional love in God

Published on LancasterOnline and in print July 25.

Clarence Hogan never expected to live in Lancaster County. Before visiting, he had only heard about Lancaster because of the Amish.

But when Hogan, 37, set foot in Hempfield United Methodist Church to interview for the youth minister position, he said he fell in love with the church and its students.

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Lancaster Cemetery among spots ‘Pokemon Go’ takes players as app’s popularity soars

Published on LancasterOnline and in print (front page, dominant) July 11, 2016.

Ken Mueller, a 54-year-old marketing consultant, said he never thought he would get into the Pokémon series

His three kids never got into the series, so he had no reason to play.

“I was aware of it as a cultural phenomenon, but prior to this past week I had no experience (with Pokémon),” Mueller said.

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Community comes together to help clean up after blaze destroys chicken house

Published on LancasterOnline and in print (front page) June 25.

Alex Alpino, a construction worker at Elam King Builders, of Strasburg, was at James Eby’s farm early Friday morning to help rebuild after fire destroyed a large chicken house in Gap.

A poultry farmer himself, Alpino said it broke his heart to hear about the fire. “Coming out of work last evening to see (the fire), it was sad and hurtful,” Alpino said.

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