MU alum Richard Curtis co-hosts a talk show with Kelly Ripa

Published the week of November 15 in The Snapper.

Stand out and go big.

These words were ingrained into 2010 alumni Richard Curtis’s mindset when he attended Millersville. Six years later, he had an opportunity to show the world just what his experiences had led to.Read More »


The strike is over… What now?

Published in The Snapper the week of November 1.

While many may have found solace in the long homecoming weekend caused by the historical teacher’s union strike, many faculty and students took this time to show their solidarity and pride for their professors.

The strike lasted from Oct. 19 to Oct. 21, leaving students to miss three days of classes across 14 different state-operated universities, including Millersville.Read More »

No end in sight for APSCUF negotiations

Published in The Snapper the week of October 4.

As the date for the potential teacher’s union strike nears, there appears to be no light at the end of the tunnel — yet.

The Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties, otherwise known as APSCUF, has been working under an expired contract for 464 days. The state system has attempted to come up with a resolution, but the union collectively decided that the changes would be detrimental to the staff and the students.Read More »

Talks of the APSCUF strike heighten

Published in The Snapper the week of September 27.

Eden Hirtzel, an English major attending Millersville, knows that if the teacher’s union goes on strike, that it will mean a massive hinderance to the education of students across the entirety of Pennsylvania.

With the conflicts rising between the state system and the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties, otherwise known as APSCUF, the amount of students who know nothing about the idea of a potential strike may be surprising.Read More »

Transgender students don’t feel safe at their local universities.

Final project for working at LancasterOnline; it was never published.

Peter Fair was excited to attend Millersville University in the Fall of 2015. He said it was his first experience at a “real college.”

When Fair got to Millersville, however, things were less than ideal. He realized that he often had to ask professors to not make jokes at the expense of transgender people such as himself.Read More »