Nominate your favorite professor for the Educator of the Year award

Published the week of November 15 in The Snapper.

Every year, Millersville holds a friendly competition that’s fueled by student nominations.

The Educator of the Year award seeks to reward the University’s professors who are putting themselves out there every single class, and who are helping students reach their goals for the future.Read More »


MU alum Richard Curtis co-hosts a talk show with Kelly Ripa

Published the week of November 15 in The Snapper.

Stand out and go big.

These words were ingrained into 2010 alumni Richard Curtis’s mindset when he attended Millersville. Six years later, he had an opportunity to show the world just what his experiences had led to.Read More »

MU tackles plan to become carbon neutral by 2040

Published the week of November 8 in The Snapper.

In December 2015, many starry-eyed and hopeful people met in Paris to discuss a revolutionary way to change the world and halt the effects of greenhouse emissions on climate change.

Nearly a year later, on Nov. 4, the Paris Agreement became international law. The plan seeks to limit the temperature change caused by global warming to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit. So far, 96 countries have taken this plan into their own hands, according to the Associated Press.Read More »

Child-free? Okay with me

Published in The Snapper the week of November 8.

In a recent opinion article posted by The Snapper, Associate Opinion Editor Robert Beiler chronicled his experiences and his life aspirations, and eloquently described why he did not want children when he was older.

As it turns out, he is not the only one who feels this way.Read More »

The strike is over… What now?

Published in The Snapper the week of November 1.

While many may have found solace in the long homecoming weekend caused by the historical teacher’s union strike, many faculty and students took this time to show their solidarity and pride for their professors.

The strike lasted from Oct. 19 to Oct. 21, leaving students to miss three days of classes across 14 different state-operated universities, including Millersville.Read More »

APSCUF is officially on strike

Published in the Snapper the week of October 19.

The Pennsylvania State System for Higher Education, otherwise known as PASSHE, and the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties, otherwise known as APSCUF, could not reach an agreement on their negotiations, leaving the potential strike to turn into a reality.Read More »