Garden Spot High School Class of 2016: ‘World better watch out’

Published online on June 3, and in print on June 4.

Positivity was in the air at Garden Spot High School’s graduation.

The muggy weather did not hinder the excitement of the students or families in attendance; the high school gymnasium was packed wall-to-wall with anticipatory faces Friday night.

Class president and co-valedictorian Jacob Mast welcomed the audience, kicking off the graduation.


Senior Zoe Hoffard then commended her classmates and the school, by saying, “I don’t think we would all be the level-headed, ambitious, diligent young adults we are if it was not for the school we grew up in.”

She continued, “The world better watch out for this Class of 2016, because our aspirations and wonder will never be satisfied.”

Another student commencement speaker Kaitlin Zook reassured the 242 graduates that they were on the right track.

“We are the class of the doers, the determined, the helpers,” Zook said. “We constantly keep diving in head-first to see who else we can help or what else we can accomplish.”

Superintendent Robert Hollister’s speech was based on country music singer Tim McGraw’s “Humble and Kind.” He emphasized that one doesn’t have to be famous or of a high status to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Principal Matthew Sanger closed out the speeches, cautioning the graduates that “there are new mountains to climb.” He urged students to have pride in their work and success.

 “You embody all that is good in the world,” he said to the Class of 2016.


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